AI can now tell if you’re a man or a woman, just by your smile

You know how everyone says ‘smile’ before you snap a pic? That was Skynet’s plan all along!

More gender equal countries have fewer women in STEM, paradoxically

A new paper tries to explain this discrepancy.

Why Chinese men are the most single in the world: the perils of gender imbalance in China

Possibly the greatest demographic challenge China is facing has due to do with a hugely discrepant gender imbalance. On average, 118 boys are born for every 100 girls compared to the world average of 103 to 107, respectively. The effects of the imbalance are already felt by an aging population and in time, it could seriously affect Chinese society for the worse.

When interacting with other people, we first notice race and gender

What’s the first thing you notice when you first look at a person? Is it the shoes? The eyes? The nose? The mouth? There’s one thing to consciously notice and another to passively acquire data, something the brain constantly does. Harvard researchers have found that the first things the brain recognizes when interacting with other people is race and gender.