Massive analysis of gamers’ habits reveals how to best reach excellence in any skill

“Practice consistently, stay warm.”

Compulsive gaming rewires the brain, both beneficial and harmful

Brain scans of nearly 200 adolescent boys recorded as part of a new study performed in South Korea show that compulsive video game players have radically different wiring in their brains, most notably increased communication (known as hyperconnectivity) between several functional brain networks.

Gamers more likely to be social and well educated

When you think about ‘gamers’, pretty unpleasant stereotypes usually pop to mind. You’ll likely think about young kids without many friends, spending countless hours of the day and night in front of their computer, or perhaps 30 year old men still living in their parents basement or something. However, a new study has shown that gamers tend to be more

Playing video games improves spatial orientation, memory formation and strategic planning

Parents usually don’t encourage their kids to play computer games, even though by now, several studies have established significant benefits that come with the game. This most recent study from the Max Planck Institute showed that even playing a game as simple as Super Mario 64 results in increased size in brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation and

Path of Exile’s Path to Success: Give the Gamers What They Want!

In the world of role playing games, re-playability is the gold standard. Buying a game for $50 to several hundred dollars SHOULD translate to hundreds of hours of fun, excitement, and new experience. However, that rarely happens; after finishing a game from cinematic starts to ending credits, gamers are often left with a void to fill. What should I do

How Wise is Dating a Gamer?

They are a growing breed, and they seem to be getting hotter (at least when they apply themselves and manage to take a shower) in a way that Seth Rogen or Jason Segel can be hot. They take the form of a middle management executive or a graduate student who is adorable and funny; a strategic thinker with excellent hand-eye