New theoretical framework will keep our fusion reactors from going ‘boom’

Real reactors lack boom.

Functional hydrogen-boron fusion could be here “within the next decade”, powered by huge lasers

Stable fusion is the holy grail of energy production.

The explosive difference between nuclear fission and fusion

Despite having some things common, the two can be considered polar opposites.

Another breakthrough for fusion reported in South Korea

They might be ushering in a new age of clean energy.

New record gets us closer to fusion energy

We’re one step closer to clean, virtually limitless energy.

The U.S. plans to build the most advanced fusion reactor ever

Endless clean energy is just too good to pass up.

The ‘Next Big Things’ in Science Ten Years from Now

So, what’s the future going to look like ten years from now? What’s the next big thing? Genomics, big data, nanotech, a Martian colony and nuclear fusion, to name a few.

Newly discovered star’s chemistry puzzles researchers

A team of Argentinian astronomers, peering up in the night’s sky from the Astronomical Observatory of Córdoba has found a new, young lithium-rich giant star that they designated KIC 9821622. And they can’t explain where that lithium comes from.

Advances in magnet technology could bring cheaper, modular fusion reactors from sci-fi to sci-reality in less than a decade

Advances in magnet technology have allowed MIT scientists to design a cheaper, more compact, modular and highly efficient fusion reactor that is efficient enough to use commercially. The era of clean, practically inexhaustible energy may be upon us in as little as a decade, scientists report.

Closer then ever to nuclear fusion, according to physicists

Physicists have been dreaming of achieving controlled nuclear fusion for decades, and year by year we’ve been getting closer to turning it into reality. A recent paper published in the journal Physics of Plasmas reports improvements in the design of an experimental set-up capable of igniting a self-sustained fusion reaction with high yields of energy. Researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF)

Fusion rocket a step closer to taking man on Mars in 30 days

Billions of dollars and decades worth of research have been invested in fusion propelling technology, so that one day we might breach current spaceflight limitations that offer little hope of straying too far from our planet. Researchers at Washington University have recently made great strides forward in this respect and have successfully tested each stage of their fusion rocket in