Clean money, clean energy — a look at investment patterns in the energy sector

Money always talks — and it’s talking renewable.

NASA requests $1 billion in funding for Artemis mission to take man back to the moon by 2024

The original timeline was pushed forward four years by the Trump Administration — and now NASA needs the bucks to make it happen.

US Senate says White House’s proposed DOE budget cuts are “short-sighted,” increases funding instead


US lawmakers in charge of NASA and environmental funding don’t understand science

The people in charge of funding for NASA and environmental research, Republican senators Ted Cruz and James Inhofe, have a record of not understanding science and making pseudoscientific affirmations. While I won’t discuss the politics here (we never do), the fact that such important matters fall onto the shoulders of people known to be pretty much adversaries of science cannot be left unchecked.

Science at risk as young researchers increasingly denied research grants

America’s young scientists are constantly losing the battle to receive more funding. They’re losing research dollars, leaving research altogether and creating a brain drain which puts a big question mark regarding the future of science.