Amazing fossil shows that Earth’s earliest birds evolved just like Darwin’s finches

These proto-birds may have evolved just like their modern relatives.

New fossil shows when worms developed heads

Too often we take our heads for granted.

A lot of eggs in one basket: Paleontologists discover pterosaur egg bonanza

They say don’t put your eggs in one basket, but what about putting your eggs in the same bedrock?

This rat-like creature is the earliest ancestor of mankind

In a way, we’re all the descendants of these rats.

Researchers discover astonishingly intact, 48-million-year-old bird fats in fossilized gland

An incredible find.

Scott Pruitt says subsidies give renewables an unfair edge, and here’s why he’s a monumental hypocrite

Capital H.

Ancient elephant species was twice as heavy as today’s modern cousins

A huge elephant used to roam the Middle East up to 300,000 years ago.

Stunning triceratops fossil discovered by chance on construction site

It’s an exciting and intriguing find.

Tiny, fossilized ape skull brings us closer to the common human-ape ancestor, fuels debate over humanity’s place of birth

Not bad for such a small thing.

Dinosaur discovered in Patagonia back in 2012 is the biggest animal to ever walk the Earth

He was probably a gentle giant. Accent on giant.

This is what the first flower on Earth probably looked like

Charles Darwin called it “abominable mystery.”

Scientists take a deep look inside mysterious 580-million-year-old creatures

We don’t even know if they were plants or animals.

T-Rex’s image as a giant, scaly, monster supported by new study

New research restores the ‘traditional’ image of the T-Rex, concluding that the dinosaur was, at least mostly, covered in scales.

Paleontologists find the oldest mushroom fossil

It’s the first mineralized mushroom fossil we’ve ever found.

New fossil proves there was life on Earth hundreds of millions of years earlier than we’ve though

Not your everyday find.

Warm-bloodedness shown to be millions of years older than we thought — maybe as old as the dinosaurs

The case for dinosaur warm bloodedness keeps getting stronger.

“Last African Dinosaur” discovered in Morocco mine

A new study sheds new light on one of the last living African dinosaurs, from 66 million years ago.

Beautifully preserved fossil reveals a new 430-million-year old crustacean species, gets named in honor of Sir Attenborough’s 90th birthday

Sir Attenborough really liked the name.

Insect courtship behavior trapped in 100-million-year-old amber

It’s Romeo and Juliet on steroids, with geology.

#FossilFriday: “Missing link” of sharks discovered

CT scanning shark fossil reveals their origins.