Fossil Friday: a fossilized school of fish

A common fish behavior evolved at least 50 million years ago.

Two new dinosaurs found in Thailand are smaller, cuter, but still deadly cousins of the T. Rex

They might also rewrite the history of megaraptors as we know them.

Fossil Friday: Alcmonavis poeschli, the second-oldest bird we’ve ever found


Bat-winged dinosaur discovered in China — only the second of its kind

This dinosaur was more like a flying squirrel than a bird.

Scientists find miniature T-Rex ancestor

A smaller relative to the king of the dinosaurs.

Fossil Friday: earliest known millipede found in piece of Burmese amber

It’s nearly 100 million years old.

Fossil Friday: newly-discovered Callichimaera perplexa is an adorable, weird crab

How is it possible for something with those eyes to ever go extinct? How? Why?!

Fossil Friday: massive, ancient African carnivore found in a drawer in Kenya

It pays to stick your nose in museum drawers!

Fossil Friday: new study says Texas used to be a ‘veritable Serengeti’ 11 to 12 million years ago

If you like cool photos of fossils, we’ve got just the paper for you!

Fossil Friday: Jurassic crocodile shows us how the scaly killers came to be

The team says it looked more like a dolphin than a crocodile.

Largest T. rex skeleton ever found lived in Canada up to its early 30s

It was probably really polite and liked hockey, too.

Stunning 500-million-year-old fossil trove offers insight into how life evolved

It’s one of the most spectacular findings in recent history.

Paleontologists find 110-million-year-old bird fossil with unlaid egg still inside it

A unique find that sheds new light on the reproductive abilities of ancient birds.

Fossil Friday: Newly-found fossil teeth solve ancient monkey mystery

Take a bite out of this story.

Oldest feather does not belong to Archaeopteryx

Archaeopteryx remains a key link in dinosaur-bird evolution, but maybe it wasn’t all that unique.

Paleontologists discovered a new species of ancient shark — and it was so, so tiny

“[Its] teeth are the size of a sand grain. Without a microscope you’d just throw them away,” says one of its discoverers.

Coastal erosion reveals incredibly well-preserved dinosaur footprints in southern England

It’s like Disneyworld for paleontologists.

Researchers find Jurassic piranha-like flesh-eating fish, and also spot their victims

The Jurassic had flesh-eating fish… of course it did.

Fossil Friday: the tiniest, most adorable Tylosaurus skull ever found


Fossil fats reveal the ‘oldest macroscopic animal’ that lived 558 million years ago

Hey, grandpa!