Scientists say bones found in Pacific island belong to Amelia Earhart

No one knows anymore where these bones are.

Pubic hair bacteria could be used to solve rape crimes

Among evidence analyzed during a rape-related crime investigation, one of the best clues that might incriminate a suspect are pubic hair samples. But because these hairs most often than not are missing their roots, it’s very difficult if not impossible to make a conclusive DNA analysis.  Silvana Tridico, a forensic biologist at Murdoch University in Perth may have a found a

Leicest remains belong to King Richard III – case closed after 529 years

The remains of King Richard III have been confirmed with pin-point accuracy by the latest round of sequencing; exclusive details on how the late tyrant king might have looked like are also now available. A few years back, a most surprising find was made under a car park in Leicester: none other than King Richard III’s remains! The latest genetic

Analysis of King Richard’s mummified heart reveals preservation process

A group of French researchers have published a paper in which they reveal how King Richard I, also known as Richard the Lionheart, had its heart mummified after he succumbed from gangrene in 1199.  Apparently the great monarch’s heart was preserved in mercury, mint and frankincense, among other sweet-smelling plants. As it was customary at the time, Richard’s heart was removed and preserved

Insects To Solve Crimes

    There is a need to train more and more forensic scientists. And more and more people want to be a part of the forensic thing. CSI series probably played a role in that. But lots of the forensic research part is not showed in the series – they just show the glitter, and most of the time misrepresent