Our social brains handle environmental issues poorly — “You can’t kiss and make up with the environment,” researchers say

“Terms like ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’ encourage the view that objects, behaviors and decisions with these labels are ‘good’ rather than ‘less bad’ for the environment,” says co-author Dr Linda Langeborg.

Neanderthal footprints discovered in Gibraltar

If the footprint is confirmed to be Neanderthal, it would only be the second one in the world, the other being Vartop Cave in Romania.

Coastal erosion reveals incredibly well-preserved dinosaur footprints in southern England

It’s like Disneyworld for paleontologists.

We’re watching a ‘horror story’ in which the casualty is Earth’s wilderness

Only 23% of the world can now be considered wilderness.

Fossilized footprints show human hunters stalked giant sloths more than 11,000 years ago

An amazing and dangerous encounter between humans and an ice age species was trapped in fossilized mud.

Rare dinosaur footprint fossils give clues into a forgotten era

These tracks lead to a different world.

Several 13,000 year-old human footprints discovered on Canadian Pacific coast

‘Every step you take’ meets archaeology.

Google used DeepMind to cut their electricity bill by a whopping 15%

That adds up to a lot of money.

Oldest footprints discovered in Europe are 800,000 years old

Right on the English coast, near Happisburgh, scientists discovered what so far are the  earliest footprints discovered thus far in Europe, dated  800,000 years old. Some five human ancestors left these historical footprints in mud on the bank of an ancient river estuary. Perfect timing and the geological circumstances of the time allowed the prints to be preserved until the

Oldest North American human footprints found

In a fantastic discovery, a team of archaeologists have dated a pair of footprints preserved in the mineral-rich sediment in the Chihuahuan Desert to find that these are 10,500 years old. These are the oldest human footprints discovered thus far in North America, predating any previous find by some 5,000 years. Moreover, the footprints mark for the oldest archaeological find in