Massive solar storms are naturally-recurring events, study finds — and we’re unprepared for them

Sunny days ahead!

Earth’s inner core became solid just in time to save the planet

Drama, suspense, plot twists — science has it all!

Perturbations in Saturn’s rings reveal how long a day is on the gas giant

Can I have weekdays in Saturn-days and weekends in Earth-days?

Jupiter’s magnetic field is extremely bizarre, potentially due to unknown processes in its core

We have no idea why this happens — but we do have hypotheses.

Earth’s oceans generate a second, tiny, previously-unknown magnetic field, ESA satellites find

Powered by the Moon’s pull, Earth’s oceans generate a magnetic field all of their own.

Why Australia’s biggest oil discovery in 30 years doesn’t matter

I was reading this morning how excited some journalists were in reporting “the biggest oil discovery in decades”, and I got a little curios: how big is it? According to US oil company Apache, the field could have potentially up to 300 million barrels of oil in place – Australia gets a lot of oil, stock prices for Apache surge,