Scientists create new fiber that’s as flexible as skin, but tougher

The new material also conducts electricity making it ideal for stretchable electronics and soft robotics.

WHO report: You should eat 25g of fiber every day — and you probably don’t

Fiber helps protect against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a swarm of other health issues.

A fiber-rich diet can protect against the flu

The bottom line: eat more fiber.

Meet your new organ: the interstitium

Doctors believe this new organ might explain why cancer spreads so easily.

Smart fibers can turn your sweater into a medical monitoring station

The more data doctors have of their patients’ health, the better the treatments they can prescribe. Ideally, you’d want patients to be constantly monitored for key life signs like heart rhythm, glucose levels or even brain activity. Typically, this is only possible in a hospital setting, but what if you want to follow how a patient is doing in real