Air pollution soots its way into mothers’ placentas — maybe the fetus, as well

Very Not Good™.

Air pollution exposure during fetal life linked to brain abnormalities in children

Brain abnormalities might lead to cognitive impairment. that could have significant long-term consequences.

Most detailed map of the developing human brain released

Prepare to enter the era of Big Neuroscience. For the past decade or so, billions worth of research has provided some of the most tantalizing clues about how the human brain works, and consequently we, as human beings, reason. There are millions of people in the world suffering from dreaded neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s, so understanding how all

Fetal development from first cellular division to final stage [PHOTO GALLERY]

Child birth is a momentous occasion in all human cultures across the globe, and if you’ve ever witnessed one it’s easy to understand why. A new life enters the world, but the journey stars well before labor. Here‘s an incredible photo gallery showcasing a typical fetal development from ovary implantation to its final chapter.  

Fetuses get bored too: research shows they yawn in their mothers’ womb

Previous research has shown that babies still in their mothers’ wombs regularly stretch, swallow and even hiccup. Recent observations have found another item to add on the list – yawning. The doctors involved in the research that identified yawning in fetuses believe this could serve as a new indicator for assessing an unborn baby’s health index. I was just kidding

When a pregnant mother is very sick, mouse fetuses send up stem cells to help

Amidst of all the talks and protest against stem cell treatment and companies shutting down, nature has found its own way of treating diseases with stem cells. When a pregnant mouse mother, for example, has a heart attack, her fetus donates some of its own stem cells to help and cure. Researchers started working on this experiment with two lines