This startup plans to end rhino poaching by counterfeiting illegal goods — and it could work

3D printed fake horns could drive the poachers out of a job.

Blogger submits glaringly fake ‘Midichlorian’ paper to nine journals, three publish it for free, fourth asks for cash

May the odds forever be in your favor, researchers.

The CDC warns that “chronic Lyme” is bogus and the treatments are horrifying and deadly

The only thing ‘chronic’ about chronic Lyme is the suffering treatments will cause you.

Author of Gay Marriage Study Admits to Lies

A few days ago, we were telling you about a seemingly fake study on changing people’s opinions on gay marriage. Michael LaCour, a very promising grad student from UCLA apparently forged data and lied about how he got it, and the study which had been published in┬áScience, one of the largest journals in the world, was retracted. Now, while the

People fake it to look “real” on social media

How you act on the internet and how you act in real life are not the same thing – and people often “fake it to make it” online according to a new study conducted by Finnish researchers. According to them, using social network sites (SNSs) almost always includes an element of fakery. They focused on two social media sites, Facebook