Italy’s Mount Etna might soon collapse into the sea

Well this sure ain’t good news.

Astronauts snap pictures of Mount Etna erupting [shorties]

Chris Hadfield, quite possibly my favorite current astronaut has snapped a spectacular photo of Italy’s Mount Etna volcano streaming ash toward the sea early this morning. Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe, and in an almost constant state of activity, regularly spewing gas, ash, and lava from the four craters at its summit. Eruptions of Etna follow

A busy year for Etna continues wth 17th eruption

We still have a few months to go in this year, and Etna still doesn’t look like it wants to stop its activity. The stratovolcano located in Sicily has already had its 17th eruption, whichm unlike most this year, came as quite a surprise. The volcano provided no seismic clues, instead the crater just filling up with lava and pushing

Shorties: Volcano smoke rings – only witnessed 3 times

I was recently telling you about Mount Etna erupting. But what I didn’t know was that last time it erupted, in 2000, she was really chill, just blowing out smoke rings – an extremely rare phenomena. Seriously, it just looks like some giant or titan is sitting inside blowing smoke rings. There have only been three three such events ever