Hair claimed to belong to Leonardo da Vinci to undergo DNA testing

Critics, however, argue that this effort is flawed from the beginning.

Many people ‘cherry-pick’ their genetic ancestry data tests

Another example of how people will choose to believe whatever they want.

How to perform your own DNA test

Getting a paternity test may seem like an overwhelming and complicated task to anyone who has never gone through the process before. Even for those who know a little about DNA and the measures it takes to obtain a DNA sample, the process of getting a paternity test may seem unclear. If you don’t know how to get a paternity

Ancient Greek ships carried more than wine

If you ask me, the Greeks are by far the most remarkable ancient people, laying the base for science, philosophy and even art as we know it today. They also loved to trade, in order to achieve the means for the life they desired. However, we are only learning how and what they used to trade. Ancient historians believed Greek