New material harvests water from thin air without using energy — even in dry, arid Arizona

Not a bad trick!

The Sahara desert expanded by 10% in the last century

The world’s largest warm desert grew by 10% since 1920.

Southern Europe might become a desert by 2100, which is really bad news

The paper’s authors think it unlikely that we’ll be able to prevent it.

The solar system brought down to scale in Nevada desert

Every picture you’re likely to see of it shows planets and moons too close together prevents you from getting a feel of the size of our solar system. A group of friends plans to change that, however.

Condensing towers could make water from thin air in the driest places on Earth

The Namib desert is one of the vastest and driest deserts in the world. There is little water to be found here, so the few critters calling the desert home had to learn to adapt in order to survive. One particular beetle species stands out through the ingenuity with which it manages to quench its thirst – it doesn’t need