Chimps also love to eat crabs, new study shows

This isn’t the only thing that surprised researchers.

Fossil Friday: newly-discovered Callichimaera perplexa is an adorable, weird crab

How is it possible for something with those eyes to ever go extinct? How? Why?!

Microplastics could break down whole ecosystems — they’re making prey unresponsive to predators

This could be a very bad development.

It will be illegal to boil lobsters alive in Switzerland

The new laws come in light of overwhelming evidence suggesting crustaceans can sense pain.

Scientists name 245-million-year-old Horseshoe crab after Darth Vader

The force is strong with this one.

Remote Island in the middle of the Pacific is the most plastic-littered place on Earth

What was supposed to be one of the most pristine locations on Earth has now become a landfill.

New study finds a myriad of applications for crab sugar

A review of recent research found that an unexpected mixture could do wonders for bone regeneration and wound healing.

Antarctica Yeti Crab Grows and Harvests its Own Food

Scientists have discovered and described the only known species of Yeti Crab that resides in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean. The crab, which has a white fur all over its body, survives in an extremely inhospitable environment, close to the hydrothermal vents that spew hot water in the freezing ocean.

Crabs and other shellfish feel pain. Opens ethical discussion

A new study from researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, UK, found that indeed shellfish, like crabs or lobsters that are typically cooked alive in horrid conditions, feel pain as well. The findings raise significant ethical discussions, warning the food and fish industry of its ill ways of killing live seafood. “On a philosophical point, it is impossible to demonstrate absolutely

Hermit crabs socialize in order to back stab their neighbor and steal their ‘homes’

There are around 800 hermit crab species living in the ocean. These crustaceans like to mind their own business and are rarely seen alongside one another, hence their species’ name. The dozen or so terrestrial hermit crab species, however, are forced to engage socially in order to survive. Their social pattern reveals a selfish agenda, though, after a recent study

120 million crabs hit the streets

Every year, around this time of year, more than 100 million determined crabs take to the streets in a massive attempt to get to their spawning grounds as soon as possible; as a result, they literally flood the streets in Christmas island, covering the streets and forcing rangers to divert traffic and use some quite creative methods of protecting the