Scientists are now able to bio-print corneas

This research could usher in corneas-on-demand.

How the eye works: what you can’t see

How eyesight works and other functions.

Better, simple way to regrow damaged corneas shines hope for blind patients

A novel and highly effective technique was found to enhance regrowth of human corneal tissue to restore vision, using a newly identified molecule that acts as a marker for limbal cells – stem cells that are paramount to retinal regeneration. The findings could greatly improve the vision of patients suffering from severe burns, victims of chemical injury, and others with

Rewriting the anatomy books – new layer of human cornea discovered

Scientists at The University of Nottingham have come across what can be a monumental discovery, demonstrating for the first time a new layer of the human cornea. The layer, which was described in a paper in Ophthalmology, could help surgeons to dramatically improve outcomes for patients with severe cornea affections and those undergoing surgery. The new layer has been named

Artificial Cornea Saves Eyesight

  With the growing number of people with eye problems it is harder and harder to find answers to problems raised; ┬ásome cases are so bad that there is no other sollution and a cornea transplant is needed. Every year, in Germany alone, around 7000 people wait for a new cornea to save their eyesight. The bad thing is that