COP21 Live Blog: Day 11

Live updates and recent developments from COP21, in Paris — Day 11.

‘The 2 degrees goal is a political figure, not generated by scientific reports’, says IPCC at COP21

Today, at a press conference at COP21, a panel of scientists and chairmen from the IPCC said that they never suggested one or the other figures as a baseline for averting climate change. “The 2 degree goal is a political figure, not generated by scientific reports,” the panel warned.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 4

Live updates and recent developments from the COP21 Conference in Paris, Day 4

COP21 Live Blog: Day 3

Live updates and recent developments from Day 3 of the COP 21 U.N. summit on climate change, Paris.

Six initiatives for sustainable agriculture announced at COP21

Climate change and agriculture are so interrelated that you basically can’t talk about addressing climate change without bringing agriculture into the mix. At COP21, the climate summit in Paris, governments, NGOs and private entities joined hands to announce several initiatives focusing on some of the most pressing issues in agriculture: soils in agriculture, the livestock sector, food losses and waste, and sustainable production methods and resilience of farmers.

Some of the pledges at COP21 need to be legally binding, says President Obama

President Obama voiced his concerns that any agreement made in Paris, COP21 will be ineffective if it lacks the force of treaties.

Americans support signing of climate change pact, but don’t want taxes on emissions

According to a NY Times/CBS poll two out of three Americans support the signing of a global climate pact, but only one in five agrees to increasing taxes on electricity

COP21 Live Blog: Day 2

Live updates and recent developments on site from the DAY 2 of the COP21 conference in Paris.

COP21 climate summit summary: Day 1

The Climate Summit in Paris (COP21) has started out in full force, bringing along a wave of optimism but also skeptic frowns. ZME Science is attending the summit and we’ll keep you posted with the daily events as they unfold and as we witness them – this is an event that has the potential to be critical for the future

European countries announce new $500 million initiative to fight climate change in developing countries

Four European countries, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, have announced a new $500 million initiative to fight climate change, especially in developing countries. The entire initiative is supported by the World Bank. “We want to help developing countries find a credible pathway toward low carbon development,” said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim. “This initiative is one such way because it

Some of the richest in the world join Bill Gates to invest in the biggest private climate fund

Bill Gates and 27 other billionaires with a collective net worth of $350 billion have joined forces to launch the biggest private climate fund in history. The multi-billion dollar fund, called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, will focus on cutting edge research and development to accelerate the growth of renewable energy and other sustainable technologies.

Paris Climate Summit Begins with Unprecedented Committment

The eyes of the world are set on Paris, as the COP21 climate summit started today with the ambitious goal of achieving a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world. But while this dance sometimes paces close to the impossible, there are also reasons to be optimistic: world leaders opened up with an unprecedented

ZME Science is attending COP21, the climate summit in Paris

A team from ZME Science will attend the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP21. Here’s the official page of the event, the Wikipedia page, and the official Twitter (in French). What does this mean? We’ll be attending as many sessions as possible, to give you the latest updates on this potentially historic event. We’ll be listening to what world