GHB drug use associated with long-term cognitive changes

The is responsible for many overdose-induced comas. Now, research suggests tripping on the drug ‘fries’ the brain.

Comet 67P harbors oxygen molecules as old as the Solar System

I wonder if it smells stale.

Shock therapy partially wakes man out of 15-year-old vegetative state

Even in total darkness, someone is still there.

The seat of consciousness might lie in two brain regions. Stimulating them could wake up patients from coma

Scientists zero in on the biological components and mechanisms that give rise to consciousness.

Scientists ‘jump-start’ man’s brain after coma

Scientists have used a sonic technique to excite a man’s neurons, effectively waking up a man from a coma.

Man wakes up after 12 years of coma: “I was aware of everything”

When he was 12, Martin Pistorius came home with a sore throat. His condition quickly deteriorated and he was soon unable to move or even talk, and eventually crashed into a coma which would go on to last 12 years. It’s not clear what his disease was, and doctors don’t really know what happened to him, though the likely suspect is

Common Anti-Anxiety drug wakes man up from coma

A patient who has been in a near-vegetative state for two years has been awaken after receiving a common anti-anxiety drug.The patient was in this state following a motorcycling accident he had, and after receiving the drug, he immediately became active, talking to his doctor, calling his aunt and congratulating his brother on graduating. Then, as quickly as he emerged

Never before seen brain activity in deep coma detected

Coma patients, be it inflicted from trauma or initiated by doctors to preserve bodily functions, have their brain activity regularly monitored using electroencephalography (EEG). When in a deep coma the brain activity is described by a flat-pattern signal- basically minimal to no response, one of the limits that nearly prompts  establishing brain death. A group of physicians at University of