Robot see, robot do: MIT software allows you to instruct a robot without having to code

No code? No problem!

Want to work on NASA’s software and get paid for it? You’ll love this challenge

Enter the High Performance Fast Computing Challenge.

AI can write new code by borrowing lines from other programs

So it begins.

Your smartwatch might be giving away your ATM PIN

Smart devices are quickly taking over our lives, but they may also be giving away our secrets.

Researchers decode 18th century secret German society code

A team of Swedish scientists paired with a USC researcher to crack the Copiale Cipher, thus revealing secret rituals and beliefs of a secret German society that had a fascination for ophtalmology. Thousands of old and obscure symbols filled over 100 pages of text which was found in Berlin towards the end of the Cold War. For USC computer scientist

Origin of the Voynich manuscript pushed back even further

The Voynich manuscript is perhaps one of the most mysterious manuscripts of all time; it contains 240 pages written in an unknown languages, with strange drawings, and with no clues of an author. It has been studied by some of the world’s sharpest minds in code breaking, but it defied all deciphering attempts. Recently, researchers from the University of Arizona