Humanity gets its second Warning: We’re crippling the planet

We need to take corrective measures fast or we risk losing the only home we’ve ever known.

Coal formation sucked so much CO2 out of the atmosphere that Earth nearly froze over 300 million years ago

“It is quite an irony that forming the coal that today is a major factor for dangerous global warming once almost lead to global glaciation,” the author said.

Why Was Texas so Susceptible to Hurricane Harvey and How Does Climate Change Contribute?

The connection to climate change is more intricate than you’d think.

New finding could help plants survive drastic droughts

With drought on the rise, this finding couldn’t come at a better time.

There will be no renegotiation of the Paris agreement, EU Parliament tells Trump


Farmer ants unknowingly domesticated their fungi crops by sequestering them in dry environments

Accidental domestication still counts, right?

Mainstream US broadcast networks decrease climate change coverage time by 66 percent to only 50 minutes. For a whole year!

How much time is the climate worth to you?

Beijing just closed its last coal station — What does this mean for the world’s climate

In 2013, Beijing officials promised that they will close the city’s four coal stations by the end of 2017, and they’ve kept their word.

Aerosol emissions kept climate change in check over the Arctic until Clean Air regulations

Emissions work both ways. Well, worked.

Humans are changing the climate 170 times faster than natural forces

“The human magnitude of climate change looks more like a meteorite strike than a gradual change.”

Majority of people in the US favour renewables

A divided country still agrees on some things.

World’s poorest countries pledge to 100% renewable energy

They’re leapfrogging developed countries.

We should prepare for bad surprises in the Arctic climate, new report finds

Unless we start reducing fossil fuel consumption drastically and fast, irreversible changes will happen in the Arctic and that will affect all of us.

WMO’s “Global Climate in 2011-2015” report published, proves we need to act now

Hot, droughty, floody, deadly.

New study might explain why winters have been more horrid in recent years

Researchers might have an explanation for why winters have gotten so horrendous.

Atom-by-atom chart of living fossil’s shell could hold the key to understanding past climate

These tiny beings could hold a huge store of data.

Heads of states from 170 countries sign deal that bans global warming chemicals used in refrigerators and AC

Yet another historic climate accord was signed this Saturday, right on the heels of the Paris Agreement coming into force.

Paris climate agreement enters into force

The landmark Paris climate agreement has become an official agreement, fulfilling the necessary condition: over 55 countries covering over 55% of global emissions have ratified it.

One it ten UK species faces extinction, State of Nature report warns

You can’t take 10% out of something and still expect it to work.

The planet is warming faster than it ever has in the last 1,000 years, NASA warns

This is not good news.