Millenium-old Viking burial boat unearthed under a market square in Norway

It was right under the city market.

First solar-powered boat to cross the Atlantic embarks on historical journey

A little ship braving the ocean on its own.

British research vessel gets named “Boaty McBoatFace” following an online poll

The world has spoken and the vote has been cast: people want to name the new British Antarctic research ship “Boaty McBoatface”

Archaeologists uncover 4,500-year-old 59-foot boat at a site in Egypt

Archaeologists from the Charles University in Prague have made a stunning discovery in Egypt: they found a stunningly well preserved long boat, buried for four and a half millennia. The discovery was made at Abusir, “the House or Temple of Osiris” and an extensive necropolis with many well documented findings. But Egypt still has a story to tell. In 2009, Czech archaeologists