Male birth control pill may work by blocking sperm ejaculation

Male birth control pills have been researched for some time, however previous attempts have been found to be ineffective. A new method that concentrates at blocking male sperm ejaculation, has been found to be effective in mice. A drug could be administered orally, just like the female version. Before a male birth control pill can be released for humans, it

Abortion rates plummet when birth control is free

A laudable measure was adopted in Missouri: birth control was made free for women and teens at high risk of unplanned pregnancies. Good results were expected, but nobody really expected them to be this good. Abortion rates saw a massive drop, and the rate of teenage mothers plummeted. If these results were replicated throughout the entire US, 1,060,370 unplanned pregnancies

Pfizer recalls 1 million birth control pills because… they might not work

No less than 1 million birth control pills have been taken from the shelves by big pharma Pfizer in the United States because they might not contain enough contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. Whoa! Wait just a moment there. They might not have enough contraceptive? As in, if I took the pills, I might get pregnant? Not quite what many women