The Bacteria Files: Pseudomonas — What it is and why you should know about it

A tiny, resourceful, and potentially dangerous bacteria.

What are biofilms and how they form

Bacteria learned there’s strength in numbers. These communities are called biofilms.

New Silicone Technology Creates Super Slippery, Anti-Bacterial Surface

A new liquid-infused polymer can make sure that medical equipment is bacteria free by being extremely slippery. This technology, which involves silicone infused with a silicone oil also has a myriad of potential applications outside of medical equipment – in the oil industry, in air planes and cosmetics.

World’s water streams affected by pharmaceutical pollution

A new study stresses the overlooked hazards that dumped pharmaceuticals found in wastewater pose to the world’s freshwater streams. So far, the impacts and consequences on water quality and aquatic life are unknown or under researched, and the authors hope their findings might warrant more work in this direction. Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall, lead author of the study published in the