Fleets of driverless cars could smoothen traffic by at least 35%

The roads of the future could be safer and faster if all cars were autonomous.

Australian Committee thinks it should be OK for drunk people to use autonomous cars

Drink and let the car drive!

Norway plans to launch the world’s first autonomous, fully electric ship next year

Such a shippy development!

It’s a car, it’s a shop, it’s AI — it’s Moby Mart

The hero we both want and need.

The first self-driving taxis are here — and by “here” I mean Singapore

A small start-up brought self-driving taxies to the streets.

First solar-powered boat to cross the Atlantic embarks on historical journey

A little ship braving the ocean on its own.

First U.S. testing of a man-carrying drone planned for later this year in Nevada

Chinese company EHang’s model 184 will be the first human transport drone to ever be tested in the U.S. Keep your fingers crossed, this may solve your commute problems forever.

Expert warns smart-cars will promote sex behind the wheel and distracted driving

Will widespread use of smart cars make roads safer or actually more dangerous? One Canadian expert is raising concerns that as automated systems take up the bulk of navigating tasks, drivers will keep their hands less on the driving wheel…and more on the person (persons?) next to them.