Henry Ford’s legacy: The Model T and other historical facts

One day in 1885, the twenty-three-year old apprentice machinist Henry Ford came into contact for the first time in his life with the gas-powered internal combustion engine. It was love at first sight. Instantly, a wave of excitement overcame him for he envisioned even at that tender age and during those uncertain times that horseless carriages will forever revolutionize transportation. This was to be his life’s work.

Flying car takes off in Slovakia

Merging road cars with airplanes into a two-in-one  purpose vehicle may seem like a SciFi endeavor, but how truly crazy is this idea? Although we’re far from seeing people hovering to work in a Jetson’s-like craft or mid-air traffic jams like in the Fifth Element, some people believe street-legal cars that can both run on the road and fly represent

Study aims to lay ground for the first ‘green highway’

IBM has teamed up with Zapadoslovenska energetika (ZSE), the biggest electric company in Slovakia, for a feasibility study which aims to prepare Bratislava, the nation’s capitol, for plug-in electric vehicles. With this in mind, the companies will look at the best way to develop a  “green highway” between Bratislava and the neighboring Austrian city of Vienna, which is about 49 miles away. Electric vehicles

Invisible Mercedes ad creatively promotes green technology

Worldwide, motor vehicles currently emit well over 900 million metric tons of CO2 each year, amounting to more than 15 percent of global fossil fuel CO2 releases. With this in mind, major automobile manufacturers have been investing massively in developing more fuel efficient   power systems and lower emissions for the past few decades. We’ve seen a number of exciting concepts and

Hypermiling car can travel 1,325 miles on a gallon of gas

Gas prices have sky rocketed during the past five years, and so far it seems to know only one trend – upwards. As such, fuel efficiency, besides keeping environmental pollution to a minimum, has become a sort of priority for today’s automobile manufacturers. Captioned above is a hypermiling concept car, developed by Cambridge Design Partnership, which its engineers boost it