NASA trains to search for Martian life in world’s driest desert

The Atacama Desert is the most Mars-like environment on Earth.

Dry irony: first rain in centuries causes extinction of Atacama Desert microbes

This also means that resurfaced liquid water on Mars might kill any hypothetical surviving microbes.

El Niño turned the driest place on Earth into a colourful ocean of life

For the second time this year, however, the desert bloomed as thousands of dormant species of flowers and plants awoke after El Niño brought a rainy boom to the region.

32 inches of snow in the driest place on Earth

A bit late on reporting this, but I’m still struck with amazement by this extremely peculiar case of precipitations. Last week a cold wave hit Chile and surroundings, including the Atacama desert, known to be the driest place on Earth, covering it in snow. In this area less than 50mm of rain on average is reported each year, and in