The ‘Age of Man’ is upon us — Anthropocene period close to becoming official

We are living in changing times.

Five periods of mass extinction on Earth. Are we entering the sixth?

Some scientists believe that we have entered the sixth period of extinction since 2010.

There are 30 trillion tons of human-made stuff all over the planet

And it’s called the technosphere.

Scientists believe humans have started a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene

It’s a new time — geologically speaking, at least.

Fishing vessels level sea bottom – signs of a new dawning geological era

A while ago, several geologists started wondering if the impact humanity is having on Earth isn’t so big, that despite its relatively short duration, we should consider living in a distinct geological era marked by this impact – the Anthropocene. Of course, aside from supporters, there were those who only gave a condescending smile or were ever ironic, but the