Mere presence of opposite sex triggers premature aging in fruit flies and worms

Ever found yourself in a hazardous relationship in which your spouse makes your hair go white? Well, if the answer’s yes then you’re not alone. A new study provides new evidence that key aspects of the social environment of some animals significantly influence life span after researchers found that sexually frustrated fruit flies and “haunted” hermaphrodite nematodes died earlier than

Fossilized insects trapped in the act of mating for 165 million years [SFW]

Fossils that capture a kinetic moment are truly fascinating because they surprise a scene or picture from millions of years ago, effectively acting as a time capsule. Paleontologists have found along the years all sorts of such scenes, be them dinosaurs engaged in battle before an unlikely event engulfed and preserved them or some other preservation in the heat of

This fish likes to play rough: the male has four hooks on its genitalia

Biologists have found a new species of fresh water fish east-central Mexican waters, and what they discovered was more than they bargained for. Apparently, to fight off the female’s selective reproduction blocking mechanism, the male has evolved an… interesting, let’s say, penetration mechanism of its self – a four hook genitalia. No, this is not a medieval weapon. Females of  the llanos

Promiscuous dumpling squid has a short life expectancy due to excessive mating

Squids and cephalopods, in general, might not be the sexiest animals out there, but their mating systems are quite interesting,

The weird world of animal sex

First of all, let it be said that this is not a post for kids – and for the most sensitive; advance at your own risk. But now that you’ve been warned… The world of animal sex would be considered weird by most, and it’s definitely not what you’d expect. When I was a kid, I used to wonder how