Why alligators on the beach and killer whales in the river is the new normal

Large predators are reclaiming what was rightfully theirs all along.

Breeding birds use alligators to protect nests from egg-eaters

Breeding birds and alligators have developed an unlikely partnership, where the birds build their nests on alligator territory for protection.

Crocodilians use sticks to attract prey

Two distinct groups of crocodilians have been reported to use tools for hunting They balance sticks on their snouts, baiting birds who want to use the sticks for nests Crocodiles actively search for the sticks (which are usually rare) and do this more often during the birds’ mating season It’s been known for quite a while that the usage of

Crocodile skin around its jaws is 10 times more sensitive than that of human fingertips

Considering their heavy scale armor, and ferocious¬†apatite, “sensitive” might not be the first adjective that comes to mind when describing crocodiles or alligators. A new study has sought to answer a long lasting riddle for biologists after it finally found the purpose of peculiar black spots or domes on crocodile and alligator heads. Apparently, these act as extremely sensitive sensors,