Yet another study finds that violent video games don’t make teens more aggressive

This won’t end the debate anytime soon, though.

Zapping the brain with mild electrical current controls anger and aggression

The non-aggressive procedure went deep into the neural circuits of aggression.

Scientists control aggressive and criminal tendencies by zapping the brain

It’s a sort of reverse lobotomy.

Humans and chimp brains may have a turbo-charged fight-or-flight response

Such adaptations could form the evolutionary roots of human warfare.

Alcohol makes you aggressive by impairing the polite parts of your brain

Ever heard the idiom “as peaceful as a drunkard”? No? Here’s why.

Scientists discover ‘hunting circuits’ that can turn fuzzy rats into fuzzy murderous rats

It’s pretty scary that they can do it to be honest.

Training men how to read women might help curb sexually aggressive behaviour

There might be a way to help alpha males understand when women are interested.

Inmates who watch nature shows in prison are 26% less aggressive than their counterparts

In a world of cages and violence, a glimpse of nature can make a huge difference.

Video gamers’ aggression linked to frustration, not violent games

Video games have been getting more and more attention, partly due the fact that more and more children (and adults) are playing them, and partly due to the fact that some advantages of playing them are starting to surface. Now, a new study has shown that gamers’ hostile behavior is linked to the experience of failure and frustration during play