In the stone-age people recycled flint on purpose to produce precision blades

Second-hand flint, ironically, was more of a precision implement that fresh flint.

Ice ages may be caused by tectonic activity in the tropics, new study proposes

Pixar left this part out of Ice Age.

Engaging in cultural activities can stave off depression in old age

If nothing else, at least you’ll have some fun attending!

Proper hydration helps seniors get the full benefit of exercise and keeps their minds limber

Everybody should try to stay well hydrated — seniors more so than others.

Older fathers tend to raise geekier children

Age matters!

Facial reconstruction shows how British people looked like 3,700 years ago

Short, round skulls were the norm then.

Forever young: ants don’t seem to age

Most people don’t have that much of an issue with dying, like they do with being freaking old. Being old is a drag. You gain weight, the skin gets wrinkled, the mind and body weakens — and it all gets gradually worse until you expire. Ants don’t seem to share this human tragedy. By all accounts these particular ants don’t seem to age and die in youthful bodies.