People see our planet in different ways – and it’s safe to say that astronauts have a different perspective from most people. Speaking to Derek from Veritasium Colonel Chris Hadfield, the former commander of the International Space Station, explains how it feels to see Earth from orbit.

“We made a conscious decision to allow the fourth biggest sea in the world to turn into a little, stinking puddle,” Hadfield explains in the video above. refering to the Aral Sea, which has all but dried up. “What used to be a shoreline is now an empty sand and the remains of the fertiliser drained into that sea for decades.”

Hadfield continues:

“Who is going to be the person that decides to change something? We can’t wait for some other person to change it. They don’t have the imperative to do it. Especially if they’re someone we elected. If we elected them they’re just our representative.”

It’s an insightful short video, I highly recommend it!


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