human brain graphene

Research into the new wondermaterial graphene and the neurochemistry of the human brain will be given up to two billion euros ($2.68 billion) in funding – the largest research grant in official, recorded history, the European Commission said on Monday.

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The two areas are the beneficiaries of the Future Emerging Technology (FET) Flagship programme, described as an “X-Factor for science”; an award whose winners are chosen by a group of the world’s leading scientists, among which Nobel Prize winners are not a rarity.

Described by the Commission vice president Neelie Kroes as a “revolutionary material (produced) using just a pencil and Scotch tape“, graphene is now “on the verge of spawning a new industry,” she said. Meanwhile, The Human Brain Project, seeks to simulate the cells, chemistry and connectivity of the brain in a supercomputer, the goal being to better comprehend the brain’s functions and development – a lofty goal in days such as these.