Thor’s hammer was so magically heavy that only the worthy could lift it – and only Thor was worthy enough (or maybe … I don’t know, I haven’t watched the new Marvel movies). Electrical engineer Allen Pan, aka Sufficiently Advanced on YouTube,decided to replicate in his very own take on a “working” Mjolnir.

The best way to make it, he decided, was to use a fingerprint identification tool and magnets. He packed an electromagnetic magnet from a microwave, which generates a strong enough magnetic field that makes it impossible to lift when placed over a metallic surface, like a manhole cover. The handle is attached to a capacitive touch sensor, which in turn is attached to an Arduino Pro Mini and a solid state relay. Whenever someone grips the handle, the electromagnet turns on and the hammer becomes heavy.

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However, whenever he tries to grip it, a fingerprint sensor tells the whole array to switch the magnets off, and therefore he can lift it.

He took his invention to the streets of Venice beach, and asked unsuspecting people to try it – but as expected, no one turned out to be worthy. Now he only needs to make it shoot lightning and come back whenever he throws it…

Still from the video above.