We’ve shared many time lapse videos, but this is definitely something else. The almost alien music, the stunning quality, and the surreal underwater environment is entrancing and takes you to another world. This is part of an upcoming non-speaking Italian film – “Porgrave”. This latest film by Sandro Bocci, will be released in late 2015. This is Meanwhile…:

The section depicts beautiful macro timelapses of coral, sponges and other aquatic wildlife filmed under ultraviolet light. The video’s purpose is to not only share mystery of the aquatic world, but also to send a message that we should take better care of the beautiful world we live in.

Images and editing: Sandro Bocci

Original Music: Maurizio Morganti

Featured: Protoreaster linckii, Scolymia , Fungia, Trachyphyllia, Symphyllia, Euphyllia divisa wilde, Zoas mix, Alien eye zoas, Tridacna maxima.

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