The whole city of Minneapolis knew about the Titian exhibition that was about to take place; even if they weren’t interested in the once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most esteemed and beautiful paintings in the world, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts stirred some interest with a big sign – what better painting could the sign if than a topless goddess?


The sign depicts Venus, the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and all beautiful things (she was kind of a nasty person herself, but that’s a whole different story). So why should Venus be left with her naked breasts in the freezing winter of Minneapolis? Any gentleman with an ounce of common sense would help a lady out, in this case; this was exactly what a local graffiti artist thought, and immediately got to work, “dressing” up Venus with a lovely red bra.

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…and after

It actually looks quite good and classy if you ask me, but what’s even better is that the people in charge of this sign decided it actually looks better this way – and so decided to leave it just like this.

“Without those words it did look as though someone’s trying to censor it,” says head of PR Anne-Marie Wagener. “But with ‘Brrrr!’ it has that whole sort of funny element. Because it is cold!”

I couldn’t agree more to this; actually, I think she probably needs a jacket too, or at least a sweater.