Portability is one of the best things brought by technology, but sometimes it just seems a little over the top, doesn’t it? I mean, now we can carry a computer with us at all time, a phone that is also a small computer, music on mp3 players, audiobooks, and so much more! You’d think that’s enough, right? Well, no… not really.

The portable toilet

Well, I’m sure we all had at least one moment when we wished we could have carried one of these, but come on! I mean, a newspaper and all ? That’s taking it to a whole new level…

The portable fireplace

I seriously can’t think of a situation where this would come in handy. Wait, unless… we are talking about a different kind of needs… but it’s just not like the real deal and doesn’t set the mood as it should. Sorry guys.

The portable toaster

Now this I can relate to. Just use this ‘knife’, and wham! If you just can’t eat regular bread, this might very well be the thing for you.

The portable karaoke machine

Because you just never know when a karaoke urge strikes you, right?

The portable washing machine

Well, I don’t really know what to say about this; could definitely work with students though.

The Portable chair

Because you’re lazy enough to want a chair instead of standing for a few minutes, but you’re carrying a briefcase with you at all times. Makes perfect sense.

The portable coffee machine

Perhpas the only truly useful device, especially when you’re camping and really want coffee.