We tend to associate the word “office” with other words like “boring” or “work” – but it doesn’t have to be like that. Here are some gifts which you can give to your pals (or buy for yourself) to lighten up that hard day at the office.

Zombie Pencil Holder


What better way to start your day than taking the pencil from inside a zombie? In case you’re wondering, yes, you do get extra points for stabbing the same zombie over and over again. The only bad thing is that if the zombie apocalypse does come (and you know it might), you’ll be immediately perceived as a threat for other zombies. Choose wisely…

Miniature Ballista Kit

If killing zombies simply isn’t enough, then you can actually rage office warfare against your colleagues enemies – and you can do it with style. Ballistas were originally developed by the Ancient Greeks, and used all through Medieval times. Let’s make it happen in modern times as well!

Portable Car Desk



Not the most fun gift, but definitely useful. Managing documents just got a whole lot easier, especially if you’re a workaholic and no one wants to ride shotgun with you. With cloud technology, you can work on those documents in the privacy of your own car and have them printed in confidence. No more waiting to get to the office to send those emails or faxes — technology is here to the rescue.

Nap-ready Office Chair

If working a lot is not your thing (or if you’re working on your PhD), then you’ll love this office chair. It’s super comfortable, it’s good for your back, and of course, it’s perfect for taking naps.

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The Beer Belly

Let’s face it, office naps are for dummies! If you want the real deal, you need to have a fake beer belly through which you can covertly drink beer at work. Makes you seem fatter then you are? Check. Might get you fired? Check. Lets you drink beer? You bet!

The only accurate Christmas Sweater


If you want the beer belly from above, the odds are you’ll also want this Christmas sweater. Be Santa’s little party helper, or gift it to that “special” colleague that always gets drunk at Christmas parties – they’ll love it for sure!

6 Outlet Surge Protector With USB

If you want everyone in the office to love you – scratch that; if you want everyone everywhere to love you, bring chargers. Seriously, bringing one to the airport is a godsend, and even in a place like an office, you can never have too many chargers.

Pen Cap Utensils

Sporks are sooo yesterday! Seriously, if you’re one of those people that can never something to write when you need it, and if you also want to eat at work, this is the the perfect thing. You also don’t have to worry about bringing too many utensils at work. Just remember to put the cap on before eating!

Bulletproof Cardboard

Take your office protection to the next level with this bulletproof (seriously) cardboard. Protect your boss from the mob, place it on the window to prevent snipers, or just walk along with a really cool cardboard.