People from Finland would rather live next to an alcohol or drug rehab center than a Muslim prayer room or Mosque, a new survey has found. In fact, the unpopularity of the Mosque was surpassed only by a drug users’ needle exchange center.

Image via Prayer in Islam.

The survey was conducted on only 1,000 people, but the results were conclusive (for this small sample size); 43 percent of interviewed people said they would have no objection to a rehab facility for alcoholics being established close to where they live. However, only 34 percent who said they would be happy living close to a mosque or Muslim prayer room. In other words, 2 out of 3 Fins would rather not live next to a mosque.

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Also, 76 percent of those questioned said they wouldn’t mind a home for people with disabilities set up in their neighborhood. 41 percent felt the same way for a home for asylum seekers and 52 wouldn’t mind a mental health support center.

The only thing people disliked more were needle exchange for drug addicts – a social service that allows injecting drug users to obtain clean hypodermic needles at no cost. The findings come in a very tense situation in Europe, where Muslim immigrants have become a highly polarizing issue.

Interestingly, women were significantly more tolerant than men, as were younger people compared to their older peers. Pensioners were generally the least tolerant.

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