This article has nothing to do with science, it is just an offbeat post, and some ranting may occur. Proceed at your own risk.

Mexican firm Fernando Romero EnterprisE (FREE) will design a chapel in Miami with plans modeled on the pleated fabric gown of religious figure the Lady of Guadalupe. The structure looks absolutely magnificent, and to be quite honest, I absolutely love what it looks like but is it appropriate, or is it just slipping away from the context of a church?


As a Roman Catholic icon of the Virgin Mary, the Lady of Guadalupe is a popular image in Latin American cultures and the purpose of the building will be to bring together all 27 Latin American virgins and create one unifying ecumenical structure.

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Inside the building, small sanctuaries will be framed within the pleats, with the main congregation space opening up from the entrance. A twisted tower will provide a spire over the chapel’s altar and will feature a stained-glass skylight decorated with an image of the Lady of Guadalupe.


Now, I really like a good looking building, but I just feel this whole mega church approach is out of place. I have nothing against religious people, and I actually agree with most of the values proposed by Christianity, for example (I’m not really that knowledgeable in other religions), but this is not what religion should stand for. Religion should be humble, warm, and caring – not expansive like this. It shouldn’t be expensive, it shouldn’t cost millions or rather tens of millions of dollars! Just think about all the good you could do in the world with those money! How many children could be saved from starvation? I know many people who walk by poor people, hungry animals, troubled communities – and do nothing! But every Sunday morning they take out their good clothes and drive to their big church and fancy themselves good Christians – and they would very much love to go to this church! But it’s not the church that matters – a wooden hut would be just as good. So if you’re a believer, do the right thing, and choose where to put your money wisely.