“Hey… so what do you do for a living?”

“Well, I design balloon art.”

Yes, there are people out there who are actually in this line of work. For instance, Larry Moss along with his partner, Kelly Cheatle, have been fashioning all kinds of objects, animals, structures and various other art entirely out of balloons . They even have a company – Airigami – you can hire for your own balloon sculptures. You can only enjoy them for a little while though, since they typically deflate in a week or so.

Their work is quite impressive, like this most recent one commissioned by the Virginia Museum of Natural History who ordered a dinosaur made entirely out of balloons –  an Acrocanthosaurus, to be exact. The balloon sculpture was made in life-size, consisting of around 1,000 balloons, not including those in the surrounding scenery.

To build the rubbery reptile, Moss, who has been working with balloon art for some 25 years, sought inspiration in the various photos and casts of the Acrocanthosaurus easily put at his disposal by the museum.  “We try to get as accurate as we can,” says Moss. “In a way, I almost felt like cheating to have a skeleton to work off of,” he continued.


via Science Friday

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