Yes ladies and gents, we’re starting a new feature! I’m such a sucker for geology, that just one weekly feature doesn’t seem enough. I know, I know, I’ve kind of been lazy with the GeoPicture of the Week, but now, it’s settled: the GeoPicture is on Wednesday, and now we have Fossil Friday. Please, feel free to send us any fossil pictures you might have, and share them with the rest of us – I’m also answering questions, to the best of my knowledge (paleontology isn’t my specialty, but I’ll try, and ask some real paleontologists if it’s out of my league).

As always, click the pic for full resolution.

So, here’s a jewel beetle from the Messel Pit, Germany, 47 million years old. It’s fossilized in such a way that it maintains its iridescence and you can still see the contour of the exoskeleton – stunning!

Image via Reddit user archaeopteryxx.

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