If you’re like most of our readers, you love science and enjoy learning new things. But science is a pretty broad field, and it can be pretty daunting to approach it. Where do you start, what do you read — there’s so many awesome things it’s hard to choose! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Ultimate Scientific Essentials Course (get it here)

This bundle of seven courses takes you through a lot of science, from basic neuroscience to the internet of things, from classic experiments to game theory, and from basic electronics and mechanics to economics. You’re not going to go through all of science — because let’s face it, there’s no course that could get you through that — but it’s a neat collection of topics which will keep you entertained as you venture more and more into things.

The bundle comes at $514 $35, which is 93% off the regular price, coming with 7 courses:

  • Cause and Effect: 25 Famous Experiments that Changed Our World. Pavlov’s famous dog, the discovery of oxygen, and the Doppler effect — some of the biggest ‘Aha!’ moments in history.
  • That Stranger In The Mirror: Neuroscience For Everyone. The human brain is a wonderfully complex and mysterious tool. Dive into its anatomy and the different parts of our brain, as well as the psychology and moivations
  • From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things. Get started with basic electronics and even start building your own cool gadgets with everyone’s favorite portable computer – the Raspberry Pi.
  • Economics: Game Theory, Competition, Elasticity. Economy is less about money and more about human behavior. You can apply it (and especially game theory) to a lot of everyday decisions while also learning about markets.
  • Under the Hood: How Cars Work. The most practical course out there — if you’re not a car person, you’ll get the ins and outs of how it works, and even if you are a car person, you can get into a lot of technical information.
  • Innovators and Innovation: Travel Through Time! Innovation and science go hand in hand. Over the course, you’ll learn how all inventions are connected, and understand how machines work and impact our lives.
  • Games People Play: Applied Game Theory. Game theory is the scientific framework used to analyze situations of competition and conflict in order to find the best way forward. Games are fun, but game theory is serious stuff.

In total, you get over 40 hours of courses combined in this bundle!

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Too easy for you?

Are you already familiar with all the topics presented here, are you an aspiring scientist who wants to take things to the next level? Fret not — we’ve also got you covered.

Science and programming are increasingly connected, and we’ve found a series of course bundles to get you into scientific programming so you can home your coding skills — all at excellent prices:

  1. The Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle: $606 $49, 5 Courses, Ending soon! R is the go-to programming language for statistical computing, with extensive applications in biology, medicine, and pretty much every science that uses a lot of figures and data.
  2. Python 3 Bootcamp Bundle$810 $49, 9 Courses, Ending soon! If you’re not using R, the odds are you’re using Python. Starting from beginner and moving on to the advanced levels, this bundle is suited for new and experienced Python users as well. What I like about this bundle is that it focuses a lot on Scipy and Numpy — two libraries which are extremely useful for scientific programming.
  3. The Big Data Bundle$681 $48, 9 Courses, Ending soon! An intriguing problem that modern science is faced with is that there’s too much data and that’s hard to interpret — this is where big data comes in. Analysis of data sets can find new correlations and trends. Useful in genetics, physics, education, healthcare, information technology, and business. Big data is the future, it’s a massive field with potentially massive rewards.


The purpose of these stories is simple: present some cool stuff. We sometimes get a cut from it, but we’ll only feature things we like. If something is featured here, it’s because we like it. Hopefully, you will too.