The problem with many sources of clean energy is the limited conditions which they can use to produce energy – solar energy doesn’t work during the night, wind energy requires wind (heh), geothermal energy is complicated and can only be applied to some places. But if Solar Wind Energy Tower has its way, Arizona may soon get clean electricity around the clock.

They are proposing a hybrid solar/wind technology with a twist. The key is to take the dry air, heated by the solar rays of the sun, and inject some water, which acts as a strong catalyst to create a powerful natural downdraft wind. This wind hits turbines within the tower at significant speeds – powering generators to produce massive amounts of electricity. It’s not the simplest process, but the results are very encouraging.

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They recently received permission to build a tower in San Luis, Arizona that produces power through these hot air downdrafts, and the construction will be finished in 2018. However, to be fair, this technology is also limited by the outside conditions – which require a hot, windy environment – you won’t see this technology in temperate environments. However, there are some serious advantages.

We’re talking about clean, cost efficient energy that can be provided around the clock. It has virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption, nor waste production. It’s a project I’m really looking forward to seeing implemented!