Tortoises divorce after 115 years together

A love story comes to an end.

Supermarkets in Thailand start using leaves as packaging instead of plastic

It’s sustainable both environmentally and economically.

Perception Is Reality: The Looking-Glass Self

According to sociologist Charles Horton Cooley, individuals develop their concept of self by observing how they are perceived by others, a concept Cooley coined as the “looking-glass self.”

Why the bubbles from Guinness go down, not up

The beer bubbles exhibit an unusual phenomenon, which researchers felt warrants a closer look.

Coffee not essential for life, Switzerland decides

Say what now?

The best black hole photo memes the internet has to offer

Get sucked into the joyous celebration of the black hole image.

These “Night-Sky” petunias look like they hold galaxies in their petals

There’s something very cosmic about these earthly flowers.

This viral image is making people realize they have astigmatism

Do you have it?

Movies can be used to get people to help in anti-corruption efforts

Who said movies never teach you anything?

Where did the “Seven Seas” come from?

It’s a surprisingly-old story.

Do DNA tests make for good gifts?

Just a few years ago, DNA testing was a scientific pursuit — and a rather expensive one at that. But the technology has advanced and cheapened so much, that people routinely take genetic tests — millions do it every year. It’s indeed satisfying to know about our ancestry, heritage, fitness, health and a host of other factors. But do they make

Researchers find owner of frozen seal poop USB

It’s not clear how the USB ended up inside the seal.

Here’s how you can feed your ex’s spirit animal (a bug) to a meerkat

A timeless Valentine’s gift.

Japanese hotel fires robots to replace them with humans

They took our jobs! Uhm… no wait… we took their jobs!!

Rock-solid geology puns that will have you erupting in laughter

They’re the schist.

The ‘you may know me from’ meme is awesome for explaining your job

Hi, I’m a science communicator. You may know me from such greatest hits as…

Finland’s awesome new library is so popular it’s running out of books

Talk about a first world problem!

This AI can do a 3D facial reconstruction from a single picture

It’s seriously cool.

An ancient recipe for chicken and damsons

An old, delicious recipe.

Germany’s word of the year is a climate change pun

It’s a hot topic.