How much are Americans sitting

Are you sitting down for this?

Researchers 3D print a miniature heart — using a patient’s own cells

Yes, scientists 3D-printed a heart.

New study shows how muscle memory works — you never really lose it

Use it or lose it — until you use it again, that is.

Most people who think they have a penicillin allergy don’t — and it can be a problem

The good news, researchers say, is that there’s a simple allergy test you can take.

MRI study shows how Beatboxing really works — and it’s crazy

They move their vocal tract in a completely new way.

Amazing video shows how white blood cells find pathogens — and points to a cure against cancer

So pretty tho!

Here’s why you should never stare into a laser pointer

Your mom was right.

Meet your new organ: the interstitium

Doctors believe this new organ might explain why cancer spreads so easily.

What is the belly button, does it serve any purpose, and why is it an “innie” or an “outie”

What does this button do?

We can’t grow new neurons in adulthood after all, new study says

Neurogenesis fully stops after the age of thirteen, researchers suggest.

Women undoubtedly prefer strong, muscular men, study shows

Science confirms the obvious. But this study is still important.

Child’s brain rewires following double hand transplant 

This is the incredible story of Zion, the first quadruple amputee child in whom researchers observed massive brain reorganization before and after the hand transplant.

What your pupil says about your language

A simple word is enough to trigger a reaction in your pupil.

Oxford student creates the first synthetic retina from soft, biological materials

A synthetic retina developed from soft materials offers new hope for the visually impaired.

Human cartilage has been successfully 3D printed

Making new tissue could become as easy as bio-printing it.

Beating human heart cells were grown on a spinach leaf

This “green” technology could help to solve the organ transplant shortage.

3D map of the pancreas offers new tool in diabetes research

It’s not flashy, but it might make a big difference.

Paleontologists find 6.2 million year old wolf-sized otter

It was adorable, but also terrifying.

Why it doesn’t get dark when we blink

Blinking is strange, at least in one regard.

New soft heart robot could save many lives from heart failure

A soft, customizable robot fits around a human heart and helps it beat.