Low-income countries use up to 16 times fewer antibiotics than wealthy countries, WHO report says

Antibiotic resistance seems to be driven by affluent countries.

Music can be used to estimate political ideology to an “accuracy of 70%”, researchers say


Why do people self-harm? New study offers surprising answers

Definitely an unexpected finding.

Researchers call for ban on a widely-used pesticide: it impairs brain development


Human lifespan is increasing with every generation, new study finds

Today, people can expect to live six years longer than their grandparents, on average.

To avoid shortsightedness, children should spend more time outdoors

Scientists have identified new factors that contribute to myopia. Spending more time outside is still the best thing a child can do to cut back the risks.

Scientists find brain signal associated with depression and anxiety

Zooming in on the secrets of the brain.

Stem-cell-laden skin grafts could heal burn victims 30% faster, if not quicker

“Our goal is no death, no scar, and no pain,” adds Marc Jeschke, paper co-author. “With this approach we come closer to no death and no scar.”

You burn more calories in the afternoon than in the morning

A story about metabolism, circadian rhythms, and calories.

Vaccine might allow Celiac disease patients to eat gluten

It’s no cure but the treatment could finally allow people with celiac to eat gluten.

33,000 people die every year in Europe due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Things are becoming more and more concerning.

Woodland hawks flock to cities, research reveals. Other wildlife is doing the same

For hawks, the secret is out: The big city has a lot of food to offer.

Experimental bioreactor helps frogs regenerate lost limbs

No more peg legs on the high seas, yarr!

MRI study shows how Beatboxing really works — and it’s crazy

They move their vocal tract in a completely new way.

All two-year-olds seem to sound pretty much the same to adults

“What I’d like to say to parents is that with exposure it does get easier over time,” says one of the paper’s authors.

Novel approach to identifying flavor molecules poised to make fermented goods even more delicious

Taste trumps all!

Scientists find natural combo to keep pastries looking delicious for a long time

Two of my favorite things combined: pastry and science.

Short sleepers are more likely to wake up dehydrated

Sleep and hydration in the body seem to be linked. If you’re a short sleeper, drink plenty of water in the morning.

Your left hemisphere can veto the right one into submission — but they generally play nice

We now know more about how the brain’s hemispheres sync up.

Diabetes drugs may have protective effects against Alzheimer’s

Antidiabetes medication could reduce Alzheimer’s severity.