Short-term exposure to air pollution may be deadly for people with asthma

A few days’ exposure to ambient air pollution was associated with increased risk of death from asthma according to a team of researchers Sun Yat-sen University, Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Meteorological Information Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and the Institute of Chronic Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention in China. Previous studies have linked

Ireland and Scotland made bog butter for three and a half millennia, new study reports

Bog what, now?

Mushrooms might help keep your brain healthy

Delicious and nutritious — mushrooms are good for your brain, new study suggests.

Spaceflight activates dormant viruses like herpes

Add herpes and other viruses to the long list of health problems associated with space flight.

Breast milk given intranasally could benefit preemies with severe brain injuries

Additional breast milk could protect premature babies with brain injuries.

Researchers develop way to trap and study bacteria so we can fight disease and antibiotic resistance

Shhh! I’m hunting bactewwia!

New research identifies the ‘taste center’ of our brains


New neurofeedback system helps people manage arousal and maintain peak performance

Begone, stress!

Your eyes give you away when you’re making a mistake — but only for certain kinds of mistakes

The eyes never lie.

Italy: No vaccine, no school

The law was viciously attacked by populist politicians, but finally came into effect today.

Large breasts discourage women from exercising, study finds

Women worldwide: ‘Duh’!

Oregon child almost dies from tetanus — parents still refuse vaccination

This is troubling on so many levels.

Facebook to start limiting the spread of vaccine misinformation

These are still baby steps, but they’re baby steps in the right direction.

Treated wastewater could release antibiotic-resistance genes into the wild


Green tea and carrot compounds reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice

Spatial memory improved in mice after a special three-month diet.

Yo-yo dieting is bad for your heart, new study finds

The yo-yo diet: you start a diet, lose weight, you get it back.

People learn to predict which words come after ‘um’ in a conversation — but not with foreigners

Assuming they’re paying attention, of course.

How much water should you really drink a day?

The best advice is to listen to your body.

A third patient might also be HIV-free

A cure is not here yet, but this certainly is promising.

DNA study shows Placebo (and Nocebo) can affect your body at a molecular level

We should pay great attention to the mindset we place ourselves in. It could very well change our life for the better — or for the worse.