Being empathetic might put you at risk of relapsing as a coping mechanism

With great empathy comes great stress as well!

Older people believe their own lies

We’re still not sure what lying does to the brain.

Here’s why you should never eat raw cookie dough

It’s delicious, sure — but cook it before you eat it.

Shamans were the first professional class in human history

“Sorry, we can’t hire you, you don’t have the qualifications.”

People aged 70 and over who exercise regularly have the bodies of 40-year-olds

It’s never too late to start exercising — and the results are impressive.

There’s a massive ecosystem of ‘deep life’ right beneath our feet

The staggering biosphere living inside the crust is twice the size of that living in the oceans.

Why do I sweat so much?

Sweating can be a source of embarrassment but the truth is we couldn’t actually survive without it.

After millions of tests, researchers find the most promising compounds against malaria

This is far from being a final drug, but it’s still extremely exciting.

Research identifies a gene that makes our brains (and those of primates) unique

Smarts, we got’em!

Researchers repurpose wasp venom peptides as antibiotics

Finally, a use for wasps.

WHO says tackling climate change will reduce infectious diseases and save millions of lives

Countries need to account for health in all cost-benefit analyses of climate change mitigation.

Scientists find oldest evidence of black plague in 5,000-year-old human remains

The remains of a 20-year-old woman found in Sweden may help scientists retrace the origin of the deadly disease.

There’s actually a neurological basis for the urge to pinch extremely cute babies or puppies — it’s called ‘cute aggression’

‘It’s so cute, I’m gonna die!’

Scientists zoom in on more realistic plant-based meat substitutes

Yay or nay?

Humor and acceptance oust conflict and bickering in long-time marriages

The old that is strong does not wither!

What are carbs? Are they ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

There are many misconceptions surrounding carbohydrates. Let’s have a look!

Smartphone app detects anemia from pictures of your fingernails without drawing blood

It’s almost as good as the state of the art point-of-care diagnosis.

Young drinkers beware: binge drinking is bad for you. Real bad

You might wanna reconsider getting hammered at that party.

Most people who think they have a penicillin allergy don’t — and it can be a problem

The good news, researchers say, is that there’s a simple allergy test you can take.

Worldwide measles cases jump by 31% fueled by Venezuelan outbreak

In other places, such as Europe, measles is resurfacing because parents are refusing to vaccinate their children.