Doctors restore patient’s sight with stem cells, offering new hope for cure to blindness

Researchers safely and effectively implanted a specially engineered patch of retinal pigment epithelium cells derived from stem cells to treat people with sudden severe AMD.

Human-secreted malaria antibody could usher in an effective, long-term treatment

Not one day too soon!

Smoked foods are more tasty, but also more unhealthy

The filters they designed actually make the food even tastier.

Most Americans aren’t really healthy, study finds

Unfortunately… not so many good news this time.

Scientists write molecular cookbook for our gut bacteria

It’s a whole new type of cookbook.

The health risks of second-hand marijuana smoke shouldn’t be ignored

Marijuana smoke is still smoke — and it might clog arteries just as bad as tobacco.

Compounds in essential oil may impact hormones, promote male breast development

They smell awesome, but maybe they’re not meant to go on your skin.

Planning a trip to Brazil? Do not forget your yellow fever vaccine

There is no cure for yellow fever, but there is a vaccine.

What happens when you switch to vaping

What do you think?

New method developed to stop bacteria from sharing antibiotic resistance genes

No multiplayer-evolution any longer, pleasethankyou!

What’s the surprising connection between cannabis and coffee?

Both substances target cannabinoids.

Staying fit is a great way to stave off dementia

Want to avoid dementia? Just stay fit.

Researchers develop nanospears that can transport DNA to cells with pinpoint accuracy

This new technique is less harmful to the cells and more efficient than other non-viral DNA transfer techniques.

Novel cell-in-a-shell is a like a body armor for tiny living things

It’s like cells wearing power-armor!

Body on a chip could usher in a new generation of drug testing

This could greatly reduce the need for animal testing, and usher in a new age of drug development.

New case of camel flu reported in Saudi Arabia

There is currently no antiviral treatment or vaccine for camel flu.

Lead exposure might be responsible for 10 times more premature deaths than previously thought

Scientists have discovered that nearly 412,000 yearly deaths in the US can be attributed to lead contamination.

Adding lentils to your meals can combat high blood pressure

Lentils are good for your heart, researchers say.

Why the US spends so much on healthcare, but doesn’t get the benefits it should

There’s a lot of bad news, but there’s also some good news.

Generic drugs for heart conditions work just as well as brand name drugs

They might not sound fancy, but generics work just as well for a faction of the cost.