Wolves are better team players than dogs, study reveals, casting doubt on our view of domestication

A wild streak makes them better at cooperating, the team reports.

Some cognitive training games can really boost the brain

One cognitive test widely used in research can improve working memory. The training won’t make you smarter, though.

Stress could be as harmful to your gut’s health as junk food

Stress can trigger changes in the bacterial colonies that occupy the gut, similarly to obesity.

Big-brained cetaceans have “marine-based cultures” similar to those of humans, study reveals

They only need thumbs to rule the oceans!

Americans vastly overestimate the size of the gay minority in the USA, and this could influence gay rights

According to the most recent surveys, Americans generally overestimate the size of the country’s homosexual community six-fold.

Magic mushrooms relieve depression symptoms by ‘reseting’ brain

Patients reported feeling ‘reset’ or ‘rebooted’. Their depression symptoms improved immediately after taking the drug.

Researchers identify brain patterns associated with learning to improve teaching, fight Alzheimer’s

We’re learning about learning!

Obesity in U.S. reaches all-time high. Almost half of all Americans are obese, according to latest figures

Things are going from bad to worse.

Easter Island natives may not have sailed all the way to South America after all

It doesn’t seem that Native Americans mixed with Polynesians before European contact.

More than half of police killings in the United States were not officially documented

A disturbing new study shows that the government fails to accurately count law-enforcement related deaths in the United States.

Surge in pest resistance is making biotech crops worldwide less effective

Some crops fare much better than others so there’s a lot of lessons we can learn.

Childhood obesity has grown by 1,000% worldwide in the last 40 years

We’re dealing with a worldwide crisis by now.

What gives durian, the world’s smelliest fruit, its distinctive pungent scent

Their aroma has been described as “terrible” and “foul”. Now we know why.

High-potassium foods like bananas and avocados can stave off strokes and heart attacks, new study finds

Munch up on those avocados and bananas, people!

Just 3% of Americans own 50% of the country’s guns

About 7.7 million American ‘superusers’ own between eight and 140 firearms.

Marijuana use among teenagers drops to lowest since 1994, despite widespread legalization

Legal or not, teens aren’t that interested in cannabis anymore.

Newly developed surgical glue seals wounds in 60 seconds

It could save countless lives.

A woman’s reaction to a 15-year-old tattoo nearly fooled doctors it was cancer

The story brings into discussion the often overlooked issue of tattoo ink safety.

New York mice are actively evolving into a new species: city mice

Soon they’ll carry little smartphones around. I hope.

Starting school before 8:30 AM increases depression risk, researchers find