Warming climate means more, hotter armed conflicts, paper reports

Things are heating up.

Researchers hack plants to use less water so we don’t starve when climate change hits hard

These plants will drink responsibly — whether they want it or not!

Vietnam to introduce at least 3,000 electric buses next year

A remarkable initiative!

The EU should not import Brazilian products linked to deforestation and human rights violations, urges open letter from European scientists

We can make a difference!

Greenland ice is melting 6 times faster than in the 1980s

Requiem for an ice sheet.

Carbon dioxide levels haven’t been this high in 3 million years

Last time CO2 levels were this high, there were trees at the South Pole.

New method spots counterfeit food and medicine for cheap, by filming how it freezes

Be sure to post it on Instagram, too! #lunch #realfood

Our social brains handle environmental issues poorly — “You can’t kiss and make up with the environment,” researchers say

“Terms like ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’ encourage the view that objects, behaviors and decisions with these labels are ‘good’ rather than ‘less bad’ for the environment,” says co-author Dr Linda Langeborg.

Populism and antivaxxing go hand in hand, new study finds

We all want what’s best for our children, and the science is pretty clear on this one: antivaxxing claims lives.

Humanity’s footprint on Antarctica mapped for the first time

Antarctica’s pristine environment is no longer really pristine.

Climate change will make extreme cold more prevalent — and that’s bad news for some animals

“Extreme” things generally aren’t very healthy.

The world is running out of insects — because of us — and it will lead to a “catastrophic collapse”

They may be creepy crawlies, but we need them.

The hottest 5 years on record: 2016, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2014

The planet continues to heat up.

Sea level rise might not be as bad as predicted, despite accelerating ice sheet melting

Long story short: it’s still bad.

Pests destroy around one quarter of our crops — even more in developing areas

This is the most comprehensive review of pest-related damage.

Geopolitical interests and climate change are the main causes of food shocks

If we want to be able to feed the world, we need to change a thing or two.

War makes people more religious, sparking a potentially vicious cycle

War and religion — name a more iconic duo.

“Vested interests” cause major threat to human existence, researchers say

The change can only come from civil society, researchers urge.

New research shows air pollution sours our mood and makes us unhappy

The study was performed on Chinese cities — but the air pollution problem is very much a global one.

Leading economists urgently call for a tax on carbon

The world’s leading economists are saying we should tax carbon. The politicians say we shouldn’t.