Being too social can shorten your lifespan — if you’re a marmot

The opposite is actually true for humans. Having close friends and family extends our lifespan.

Brussels announces EU-wide strategy to fight plastic pollution

By 2030, you’ll have to bring a reusable cup to get coffee in the EU.

Chameleons display fluorescent bones on the skull, study shows

Researchers discovered a new outstanding feature of the chameleon: its bones shine in a blue hue in UV light.

10 of the Weirdest Prehistoric Creatures

Eons ago, many millennia before written history, bizarre animals roamed the Earth.

British surfers are more prone to be antibiotic resistant bacteria carriers

A new study shows that surfers are three times more likely to harbor very resistant types of E. coli. 

Chernobyl is transforming into a massive solar plant — and it’s almost done

There’s some poetic justice in having Chernobyl once again produce energy — but this time, from the Sun.

Australia offers money to scientists to save the Great Barrier Reef

The clock is ticking.

Rainbow-feathered bird-like dinosaur discovered in China

Its feathers resemble the ones of hummingbirds.

Pet translator might enable humans to communicate with animals

Such a device could be ready within 10 years but not everyone is convinced it could work.

Research of snakes’ straight-line movement could power the rescue bots of the future

Yessss, thissss issss good resssssearch.

A wolf has been spotted in Belgium for the first time in 100 years

The reintroduction of wolves to Europe has been quite successful so far.

Biologists discover 18 new species of spiders — and they look just like pelicans

Though they might look goofy, these assassins are ruthless killers.

What is climate, why it’s not weather, and why it matters

Everything you wanted to know about climate. No — really.

It will be illegal to boil lobsters alive in Switzerland

The new laws come in light of overwhelming evidence suggesting crustaceans can sense pain.

Global warming is causing the largest sea turtle populations to turn female

This is a huge problem for sea turtles.

Bullfinches mate for life, researchers confirm

A new study confirms what was long-time assumed about bullfinches — they keep the same partner throughout their lives. 

Firehawks: In Australia, birds of prey are intentionally setting the forests on fire

There’s a new arsonist in town — one with wings instead of hands.

Giant, ancient bat discovered in New Zealand could walk on all fours

The extinct species offers a glimpse into New Zealand’s long-lost mammal fauna.

Black really is the sexiest color — at least if you’re a paradise bird

Talk about an advanced pick-up technique!

Scientists turn to the troubled streets of Gotham to understand community resilience

The city’s imaginary but the science is very real.