Rising seas might mean more coral reef islands — if we don’t murder all the corals

We might get more ‘exotic’ if we dial down on the ‘extinction’.

Climate change caused the demise of flourishing Ancient civilization

There’s a lesson to be learned from today.

Purple bacteria turns sewage waste into clean energy

We’re flushing valuable untapped energy down the toilet.

Climate change might damage male fertility

This does not bode well.

Car-centric suburbs seem to promote right-wing politics and resistance to change


Poaching evolution: elephants are evolving to lose their tusks

It would be an amazing example of evolution — if it weren’t so tragic.

Researchers call for ban on a widely-used pesticide: it impairs brain development


Utah houses one quarter of the country’s bee species

The site also boasts many other pollinator species.

Yes, your pet is keeping track of time — and it probably knows when it’s feeding time

It’s always feeding time, isn’t it?

Woodland hawks flock to cities, research reveals. Other wildlife is doing the same

For hawks, the secret is out: The big city has a lot of food to offer.

Cockatoos can create and manipulate tools, study suggests

Bird-brain? Hardly an insult.

Hole in ozone layer should completely patch up within 50 years, UN says

Finally some good news about the climate for a change!

Newly-developed fuel can store solar energy for up to 18 years

It’s like a battery, but flowy. And it works with heat.

Deaf moths use acoustic camouflage to escape bats

It’s an evolutionary arms race.

The drugs we take end up in rivers, where they affect the entire ecosystem

The drugs we take are reaching natural ecosystems, and moving up the food chain.

The elephant bird, the largest bird known to man, was actually nocturnal

It also had a keen sense of smell.

More than 90% of children worldwide breathe heavily polluted air — a “ticking time bomb”

Pollution is a silent killer — and it’s affecting almost all the planet’s children.

Mining cryptocurrencies consumes as much energy as mining precious metals

More evidence that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a negative environmental impact.

Orangutan numbers continue to decline — despite optimistic government report

There is little reason for optimism here — but conservation efforts can still make a difference.

Exposure to cannabis leads to cognitive changes in the offspring of rats

The findings are still preliminary, but they do suggest that mothers should abstain a bit before and during pregnancy.