Bombs dropped during the Second World War were felt to the edge of space

We’ve come a long way from being scared, scrawny apes in the savannah.

Earth wobbles as it spins, and humans are responsible for a third of this effect

Since the early 20th century, Earth’s axis has shifted by more than 10 meters.

Climate change is affecting national parks much more than the rest of the US

They’re heating up twice as fast as everywhere else.

Decentralized micro-grids could be the next big thing for renewable energy

Is this what the future will look like?

Fossil fats reveal the ‘oldest macroscopic animal’ that lived 558 million years ago

Hey, grandpa!

DNA sequencing might help finally link smugglers to ivory shipments

There are not many people I dislike as intensely as ivory poachers.

Most people hate wasps — but they deserve to be loved just as much as bees

Wasps are actually useful.

Germany rolls out the first hydrogen-powered trains in the world

These bright blue trains are the greenest around.

Biologists discover new bird species in Africa — and it’s already in trouble

There’s some good news, but also a lot of bad news.

Mosquitoes are eating microplastics, which they pass on to the food chain

Ultimately, what the mosquito eats, we eat as well.

Honeybee clusters act as ‘super-organisms’ to keep everyone safe during bad weather

Intelligent behavior emerging from a group of relatively unintelligent organisms.

California to launch its “own damn satellite” to monitor air pollution, climate change

Go Cali, go!

Otters can use paws and whiskers as accurate sensors

Not ony are they very precise, but they’re also very decisive.

Air pollution soots its way into mothers’ placentas — maybe the fetus, as well

Very Not Good™.

How the dragonfly got its wing patterns

Dragonflies have been around for 200 million years, long before humans stepped in. They also feature intricate wing patterns, which humans are now studying using an algorithm.

Thawing arctic lakes are bubbling methane, amplifying global warming

An understudied phenomenon may double the amount of methane released into the atmosphere by the thawing Arctic permafrost.

Amazingly well-preserved Ice Age wolf pup found in Canada

The miner who found it thought it was a dog.

Just a few pieces of plastic are enough to kill sea turtles

And the situation is getting worse.

A storm even more dangerous than Florence is brewing in Asia — and it’s about to hit land

Oh boy.

New hurricane animation from the Weather Channel is insanely realistic — and very beautiful

Impressive, and very helpful — visual technology at its finest.