ESA’s Gaia observatory sends back first star chart showing a billion new stars

Seeing is believing.

One it ten UK species faces extinction, State of Nature report warns

You can’t take 10% out of something and still expect it to work.

No matter what your native language is – we all speak the same, study finds

Humans have a surprising tendency to use the same sounds for the same objects — across language barriers.

New star-shaped polymer can shred bacteria membranes to bits, offering alternative to antibiotics

The new stars in bug-killing.

Scientists may have seen a black hole being born for the first time ever

Awww, it has your….mass.

The Universe expands equally in all directions — and this is bad news for Einstein’s equations

Zoom out far enough, and the Universe is a pretty homogenous place.

NASA released the most awesome pictures of Mars’ surface to date

The rocks from Mars are surprisingly familiar.

Fossil Friday: the bug inside the lizard inside the snake

Always go for a meal before you fossilize.

Rotterdam’s new sharks will eat all the trash in the port’s waters

Not really Jaws but they’ll do the trick.

Scientists film bacteria becoming virtually drug-immune — and it took them only 10 days

A fascinating glimpse at how life overcomes adversity.

China covered all its new energy demand with renewables in 2015 — and there was still plenty left to spare

Power from thin air. Lots and lots of power.

Yosemite park buys 400-acre property on its western border, the largest expansion in nearly 70 years

More park for your buck.

Physicists think they might have found a dark boson — a dark matter particle

It could be the key to understanding dark matter.

Cuttlefish can count at least up to five, new study finds

Can’t they do what we all do and count on their tentacles?

Fracking-only bacteria discovered in two separate wells hundreds of miles apart

Bacteria are creating whole new ecosystems in fracking wells.

What causes phantom limb — it’s all in the brain

This freaky phenomenon might prove invaluable in using life-like prosthetics.

Juno captures the closest-ever pictures of Jupiter we’ve seen — and its hair-raising voice

We’ve never seen anything like this before.

Celebrating life one awesome picture at a time: the Welcome Image Awards 2016

Big science going on at the small scale.

What is Gondwana: the supercontinent

This is the story of the last in a breed of geological titans, a supercontinent we named Gondwana.

Farmer ants still struggle with undomesticated crops, study finds

Starving your crops might seem counterintuitive, but these ants have a pretty good reason for it.