Grand study finds that diversity of life on Earth dropped below “safe” limits

Less species, more problems.

DIY bladeless fan from a water jug and some vases, via Rudolf Maker

Be a man, make your fan.

Flying Aerobot drone is being designed to soar in the skies of Titan

The drone will have to be light but solid enough to survive in the moon’s harsh atmosphere.

The Fish and Wildlife Service’s plan to save black-footed ferrets sounds so tasty I’d like to take part

It has M&Ms, peanut butter, flying drones, and fluffy critters. It’s perfect.

Crops employ “austerity measures” to conserve water in drought conditions

By limiting the growth of their roots, grassy crops conserve soil water during drought.

Researchers coax neurons into regenerating and restore vision in mice

This could allow us to restore vision, mobility or fight diseases like Alzheimer’s.

A more sustainable leather industry built from a petri dish

This biomaterial is not only better, but more humane than traditional leather.

Designed for astronauts, the RoboHand can double your hand’s strength — and soon, it will be available on Earth


Aeromobil wants to have their latest prototype flying car commercially available by 2017

No traffic jams for this baby.

A software bug could render the last 15 years of brain research meaningless

Some 40,000 studies need to be re-examined. Ouch.

Dutch designer creates device that turns smog into beautiful jewelry

Wear it on your fingers, not in your lungs.

Product Review: ILife Beetles A4 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A very solid entry-level robot vacuum. No more sweeping!

Turns out goats and dogs aren’t that different when communicating with humans

There’s a lot more going on under those horns than you’d think.

Access to Internet is a basic human right, the UN decides

It’s a great day for the Internet but we’re still just shy of a decisive ruling.

China finished work on FAST, the world’s largest radio telescope

Built to boldly probe where no man has probed before.

The world’s tiniest game of Pac-Man is both awesome and educational

I’m gonna need a smaller controller.

This illusion can hack your brain into feeling the space around you

All you need is a brush and a rubber hand.

Florida’s coastlines are choke-full with guacamole-like algae blooms

Just as green, but with 1000% more “ew.”

Rocks prove Mars used to resemble the Earth a lot — but no, that doesn’t mean there was life on it

But maybe our neighbour wasn’t always so red-faced after all.

Climate change is making the Arctic red — and we should be very worried about it

A tiny algae could spiral out of control with huge consequences.